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The service theory: 365 service system
【 3 】 is 【 SanLing responsibility 】 : zero distance, zero, zero cost
[6] for the "six commitment" refers to: the good faith consultation, environmental quality, plus scheme, ensuring timely, accurate thoroughly, life-long maintenance
[5] for "five by the heart" refers to: confidence, determination, sincerity, love, really

Service idea: the customer is never wrong
Customers are never wrong, if it is found that the customer is wrong, I must be wrong, if I'm not wrong, because I must be wrong, to let customers make a mistake, if this is the fault of their own customers, as long as he does not admit, he is not wrong, if customers don't admit, I still insist on his fault, it is my fault, anyway this sentence, "the customer is never wrong absolutely.
Service principle:
The customer is not god, but food and clothing parents is scratching their invisible god, the food and clothing parents can be felt.
Service standard:
1000-1 = 1000 (zero distance, zero concerns, zero cost)